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I had one just like that removed last September, only that mine got deflated before I went to operate it so they had to clean the shit that spread under the skin. At the end they literally filled the hole with bandage and left the wound open (I didn't know it when I left the hospital) and told me that anybody could change the bandage, no need to come back to them. So imagine my wife's reaction the next day when she had to pull the bandage out from under my skin to change it...
Between the Auld Fogey thread and this I sense new elevations of enlightenment on this forum, barriers of consciousness breached, cosmic loinage a stirring, new fires discovered and so on and *cough* so forth.
Now that's love.

The best part is how she shows him each little pile of goop as she mops it up. But I guess I'd want to see it too.
Thank you chronic, that was the ultimate lanced cyst gross out. Did you notice she was getting the putrid goo on her bandaged finger? Which means there had to be an open sore on her finger which probably absorbed some of that pound of puss that erupted from that cyst. The gagging was a nice too.
Do you think that was like what Bukowski went through with his acne?
Do you think that was like what Bukowski went through with his acne?

not only can i not watch that, just thinking about it gives me pre-puke salivations.

i imagine poor bukowski had those all over his head and torso.

but i didn't watch so i'm just presuming.

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