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FOR SALE! A small list of Bukowski stuff (and a Fante item) (1 Viewer)


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For Sale! For various reasons, I'm trying to raise money and also pare down my collection of books. I'll get photos\scans if people are desperately curious. I've tried to describe any issues that would boil my piss if I bought it and it wasn't mentioned, but I understand if anyone would like to see a picture first...

1. At Terror Street and Agony Way (Black Sparrow Press, 1968) First edition, second state $250

The front and back covers are both a bit frayed around the edges and the front cover has a few small scuff marks near the top. Some pencil notations as well as a previous owner's name in pen decorate the first page, but otherwise the book is unmarked and the guts are in fine condition.

2. As Buddha Smiles (Bottle of Smoke Press, 2003) $60

All broadsides are in Fine condition, as is the belly band, and the plastic housing keeping it all safe and happy. 73/100 of the standard edition (and currently viewable at collectingbukowski.com)

3. Bukowski At Bellvue (VHS, Black Sparrow Press) $15

Black case is in tact, with no cracks\chips, etc. VHS was still in working\playable order about a year and a half ago when I still had a VCR.

4. Fante\Mencken A Personal Correspondence (Black Sparrow Press, 1989) 1/750 hardcover trade copies. $70

Here's a Fante item that I recently replaced in paperback and so no longer need the hardcover. The mylar jacket is in tact and has protected the book admirably, but there are a couple small rubbing points on the bottom of the front cover and a couple small places where the cover has been nicked right where the boards meet the cloth. The mylar jacket is also slightly smaller than the actual book, so the four open corners show minor bumping.


I just sold a couple copies of the newest BoSP book by Tom Kryss and noticed that...

Ebay has again raised their rates. nothing like raising rates in a down economy. It seems that those selling books, dvds, cds are now hit with the highest percentage at 15%. I just sold a $15 book and paid $2.25 for it. Fuck them. i just relisted it at $17.25 to cover the fees with the hint that anyone interested can just go on my site and buy it for less.

Sale Price $15
Ebay Listing Fee $.50
Ebay Final Value Fee $2.25
Paypal Fee $.80
Total in ebay's pocket $3.55
Total in my pocket $11.35
Effective percentage that ebay takes of my sale 24%

That is far too high for a company that not only does nothing, except let you sell, but will not stand behind anyone for any reason, as that would make them liable for the fraud that is a major part of their business. they do not list the items, they do not promote them. They do not lend any credibility by the fact that they are involved (in reality, because of the fraud endemic at ebay, they may actually hurt one's credibility.)

For some strange reason, electronics are at a 9% final value fee, while books are at a 15% fee. Not sure why, except that their people figured out that people would complain, but do nothing about it and would pay whatever they want....

fuck ebay hard. I am not interested in selling there anymore. I am not interested in having to raise my prices 24% and screw those customers to avoid making a multibillion dollar corporation just a little richer and more powerful.



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is that fvf for a 30-day listing or an auction-style listing? last i checked, the buy-it-now listing is vastly more expensive.


The FVF for any fixed item is 15%. I sold the item in less than one day, although i listed it for 30. Auctions are only 9%, not 15%. Still, they take a lot.

I still fucking hate them. I hate how they have become THE premier website for billions of dollars in forgeries and that they wash their hands of any responsibility, even though, when informed of a clear forgery, they refuse to act. If this was a just world, they would be named as a co-defendant any time someone brings suit against a company that sells them a clear forgery...



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i've pretty much stopped selling things on eBay. every once in a blue moon i'll list something expensive that i'm trying to sell, since it's really the only place to do it, and i've done okay selling chance press stuff (well, just one of our books, but it consistently sells) marked up to $10 to cover for the fees. i used to buy things and keep them for six months or so before selling them, because i never could afford them in the first place (a move that was unplanned when i originally bought it)... or, i would buy things that i liked but didn't love and then bundle the together to sell so i could buy a bigger-ticket item that i absolutely had to have. now that i don't do this anymore, i barely ever list books.

i don't know why books get the shaft on eBay - you can charge $12.00 to ship a single issue of a comic book (different category), but only $4 to ship a set of encyclopedias or a cell phone charger. and then the fvf fees are so much higher too - and it can't just be about volume, since let's not forget that penny sellers (whose listings many of us never see) probably do more volume on eBay than anyone but the people who sell electronics accessories. it's really strange.

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that's insane that they would charge that much commission.

as a buyer the thing that kills alot of deals for me is the shipping fees. they seem
completely arbitrary.

are the seller fees any better with abe or the other internet bookseller sites? that's usually where i hunt for books.


in the whole scheme of things, it is not a bad deal as long as you plan for it. Selling a $200 book and paying $18 in fees is not a bad deal. What gets me is that selling a $15 book costs me 24%. I am not sure how the $1 book people even get their fees back.


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I've got an expensive book that I'm going to hawk on E-Bay, and I hate to charge shipping for it, but I'm going to..
just to help pay the fees.
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