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for sale autographed copy of room. mad. (1 Viewer)

My father was Charles' personal dermatologist and close friend. Have a signed copy of the rooming house madrigals, with a doodle done by author. Wondering how much this would go for. Mint condition 1988
Sounds like a regular paperback then, with signature, doodle and inscription. I'd say circa $80 - $200
You must be exhausted, you couldn't even type out The Roominghouse Madrigals in the thread subject.

What @hank solo said. But it depends somewhat on the inscription/illustration too. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the kids say.

FYI though, if Bukowski wrote your father's name in it, which I assume he did, it's worth less than the same book with a plain signature.
An inscribed book is personal - to one person. Collectors don't want that type of item as much as they want just the signature. Of course, some collectors are really picky about that and others don't mind as much, so the value may have a wider range than does your typical called-for signed or just signed and not inscribed copy.

For example, I picked up a signed/inscribed first trade edition of Play the Piano... on ebay about two years ago for about $150 (more or less; well less than $200 certainly). Market price for a first trade edition of that title that is simply not called-for signed (not inscribed) would be about $200-$250 (there were 500 trade copies). The called-for signed edition, of which there were 300, would go for $250-$300. All of these prices are estimates; one look at ebay and you'll see why not much is moving these days.

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