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For Sale: It Catches My Heart In Its Hands (1 Viewer)

I have a copy of "It Catches My Heart In Its hands," signed in two different places by Buk, on two different dates, along with original sentiments by the author in his signature silverpoint. It is in damned near mint condition, and I've had it since 1969, but the time has come to sell it. If you would like more info, you can e-mail me at www.lnrdpalmer.com. Serious inquiries only, please.
Since you brought up the concept of serious inquiries only, it might be nice if you introduced yourself, explained your connection with the words of Bukowski and generally showed some genuine interest in the man before you step on someone else's for sale thread as your first post.
Split off to a separate thread.

lenny palmer, your link doesn't seem to work - lnrdpalmer.com isn't a currently registered domain.

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