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For Sale Photogravure of Charles Bukowski on Carlton Way, 1982 (1 Viewer)

This Photogravure is of the iconic photo of Charles Bukowski walking down Carlton Way hoisting a beer. Take in 1982 by the late Michael Montfort, photogravure by Gary Eisenberg. This was purchase at the Bukshot show at Coagula Projects. I have paperwork to back it up. The funds for this will be used to continue the production of my animated film on Charles Bukowski.

Just so nobody is confused, the above items mentioned by mjp are 35mm glossy prints from Michael Montforts negative. The item I am selling is a Photogravure from the very same negative which Michael worked with Gary Eisenberg to create the piece. It is signed by both Gary and Michael. It tough to part ways as it has always been above my desk. Hopefully it will bring the new owner as much pleasure as it did for me.

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