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congratulations to mjp for creating and maintaining an excellent database and forum. funnily enough, yesterday was the one year anniversary of when i first found this site and joined up. i remember being very excited, because i'd just read my first couple of bukowski novels in the space of a few days, i found this site and posted something in the typical fashion of internet-newbie in the wrong place, and got a very warm, friendly welcome from a whole bunch of you guys.

as i've stated before (drunkenly) you're a great group of dudes, i value the friendships i've made here, and a few of you are now on my list of favourite writers.

and of course, i have to mention this (it'll make him blush, but he'll get over it): if it wasn't for this site i would never have met jordan, so i'm eternally grateful to (and the crazy neo-nazi from myspace) for that.


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And 1001 posts!

It's cool that a lot of the early members are still active. That says a lot for the staying power of Bukowski. Who would have thought that we could talk about one writer for two years? And it seems like we're just getting warmed up. ;)

Thanks to everyone who made this thing fly, and a special woot! to the hard core faithful and supporting members.


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2 years, huh, pretty cool.
Business? People are able to become a supporting member for a lousy 10 bucks.
Sure I like those re-attachable lids-Thats said this thread is about the forum's b'day.
So here's to all my friends!!

Did Buk ever say "To all my friends" in a recording-perhaps at a reading?


"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Barfly script, so he wrote it, he didn't say it. But perhaps he said it in a bar in Philadelphia in the 40ties. Let's find a whitness, a wise oldtimer.


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happy anniversary buknet.
it's been a good 2 years.
keep rolling. please.
I promise I'll never leave you again.

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Appreciate your friends
Happy Aniversary

Congrats..Great job from all of you who made this. I am learning. Too bad I quit drinking or I'd toast to you too. The good news is I can read Bukowski without having to take a drink-unlike before.
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yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to us!
and especially to mjp and all the cats who were here first. You've built a nice and warm place!


(yes, that scene in Barfly is really funny. How he's mocking all of them for being 'friends' only at good times. And the tone of his voice to provoke the bartender. Well done.)


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Yes, Happy Birthday to Buknet - and mjp who made it possible for all of us Buknuts to get together here! You're the best bunch of guys and dolls on the net!
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Congrats MJP!
You were the catalyst that set this Buk-synergy in motion.
No turning back now - the beast is loose!


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Happy aniversary to me! I joined this wonderful sight two years ago today, and have loved every damned minute of it. I think that I'll make a toast to myself(and mjp). maybe two. hell, maybe three. (tho it still piss's me that I didn't jump fast enough to be a charter member.)


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It's nice to be here. Happy anniversary!!! Always lots of nice things to read. And see. Greetings from Uruguay (Or Hell)!


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(tho it still piss's me that I didn't jump fast enough to be a charter member.)
Heh, well that's fucked up. It looks like you only missed by 1 or 2 days. I don't even remember what the cut off was. but it probably should have been longer.

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geez... where would I be if I weren't here online on Buknet? Am I missing something like eating dinner with friends, traveling the world in some exotic place, watching the news on CNN, climbing Mount Fuji, going downtown in a snowstorm to catch the latest, painting clouds on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel, taking Japanese for the hell of it, repainting the bathroom, nah!
I'd rather be here at this very moment
A bit late with this, but a belated happy birthday.

I don't post much but do regularly keep an eye on this site and like it a lot.

Keep on keeping on.

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