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I'm sorry, I just can't take the chance that any of you may become stricken with this horrible, irreversibly fatal virus. My conscience couldn't take the all-consuming guilt that would result from even the first sniffle or slight fever.

My attorney has recommended that the site be removed from the internet completely as soon as possible, so I'm working with a team of computer scientists and programmers from MIT to make that happen.

It's been an honor and a privilege to serve you for the past 14 years, and I hope to see at least a few survivors of this terrible, devastating virus in the years to come. If any of us make it, of course, which seems utterly impossible at this point.

God help us all.
My attorney has recommended that the site be removed from the internet completely as soon as possible
I did not recommend this action, nor do I advocate, sanction, or endorse this action, as it could lead to negligence, withdrawal of affection, wrongful death, and other related and sundry deleterious legal actions.

I feel it is my duty to make it clear that I recommended instead that you shut the discussion forum down quietly, and by willfully ignoring that counsel you have exposed yourself.

Legally. Not in the usual way.

I'm afraid I'm left with no option other than resignation. My office will be in touch regarding the substantial outstanding fees that remain unpaid since 2006.


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Here's my mask


everything's gonna be okay

Those who have it, don't like it. Those who don't, don't want to have it.
Meanwhile, we live in overpopulation, they say, and the planet could use a shortage.
The ongoing hysteria about the virus is mainly because he is arbitrary.
He can kill a president or a movie star, the same way he can kill a homeless.
And it's happening to us, the civilized society, the ones that matter. (irony here)
I'm very zen about it, or maybe I just don't care about people and I can't hide it.
Whatever happens, it's not important.
It's funny. Something came and putted everything in place. The gas prices went down, pollution went down, people now have time, so much time they don't know what to do with it. Parents are now with there kids, work is no longer a priority, the same with travel and leisure. Suddenly we know what solidarity is, even being the kind of solidarity that is more concerned with ourselves. All the sudden we realize we are all in the same boat, rich and poor, the supermarkets are empty and the hospitals full, and the insurances money bought are no longer available, the private hospitals were the first ones to close. In the garages are equally parked the expensive and cheap junk cars, no one can leave. Half a dozen days were enough for the Universe to establish the social equality that was said to be impossible to restore.


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You might want to check back on that "social equality" and see how it's going when the world economy collapses.
There is a kind of equality, that‘s right, money or status cannot protect you from a virus. But social equality? An illusion, of you ask me.
The current Corona hysteria makes that even clearer. Look at the grocery/checkout clerks, for example. Long working hours, poorly paid and most exposed they aren‘t provided with any kind of protection against the virus until now. Over here, at least. Or garbagemen. Do they get a danger bonus? No, they don‘t. Nobody seems to care about them. Nobody seems to understand that without them everything is collapsing.
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I'm not certain. I'm not certain about anything. But there's the possibility, or conspiracy whatever you wanna call it, that this virus was laboratory created. In 50 years the world population doubled, it's destroying the planet on all levels, many may argue that many of those are elderly, but with this new wave of migrants, that's no longer a valid point, if you think like I believe they think, I mean, in terms of production, cooperation to this system, also the elderly are the more affected, it's near a death sentence, they are an old dog that no longer can race, just eat and occupy needed space, they can't work, so they don't cooperate to this machine of production. There are possible signs, not to say evidences, that the virus cause infertility, in Muhan's Tongji hospital the specialist Li Yufeng is advising people to make fertility tests. This virus is very similar to the 2002-2003 SARS, they both "take shelter" in the cell known has Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, that is present in the lungs and testicles, SARS created, according to the specialist, immense damaging consequences to the testicles. There's also operational's (nurses, doctors) saying the number of deaths and infected have been largely conceal. In China specially, there was a clima of instability, the Hong Kong situation was blowing out of proportions, the same in Europe with the migrants situation, obviously I don't believe China would take such measures (infecting the world's population) without international connivance, not to say cooperation. It took three months for China to talk openly about the virus. Many countries knew the consequences of such virus and they didn't implement any measures to stop the propagation, it seems they welcome it, my country included, not that I believe in "countries" in the nationalist sense, I believe in what I believe they believe - the common (planetary) good/bad. And if this is the case, I see there point, I can even agree with them.


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14 fracking years! ?
Oh well: It was fun while it lasted



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This awesome toilet paper use calculator says we have enough on hand to last for 71 days.

I don't hold out a lot of hope that the hysteria will have subsided in 71 days, but maybe the people who hoard toilet paper will run out of storage space by then. Or die from something other than the dreaded coronavirus.

I'm not thrilled with the empty produce section at the store. We need our bananas, grapefruit, avocados, radishes and lettuce you know, and I look forward to enjoying them again someday. But the empty shelves on every other aisle have made it easier to imagine what it was like living in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. So there's that.

There's always online boutique toilet paper, if you're in need of some $3 a roll buttwipe.

To clarify: we don't have 71 days worth of toilet paper because we waited in line at 5 a.m. to get it. Last time I bought toilet paper was in January. I just buy a lot at one time. It's the beauty of Amazon (where most toilet paper is also sold out) delivering things to your front door. "Here's your two giant boxes of toilet paper Mr. Phillips. You're not weird at all. Have a nice day!"


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Around here: toilet paper, rice, canned beans etc. - all gone.

Thought it was a meme until I went to the grocery store last weekend. Empty shelves. Went again yesterday and things had normalized a bit. Even a few precious rolls of the "white gold" were available again.


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I thought things would normalize a bit around here too, but so far, no.

We never watch the network news on TV but Carol turned it on the other night and I can see where they hysteria is coming from. They are handwringing and shrieking about it as if millions are dead in the streets and zombies are dragging away the rotting corpses.

Meanwhile, fewer than 13,000 deaths in the entire world.

That's not nothing, 13,000 dead people, but it's not unusual for a flu season.

Funny that Trump said he never realized people died from the flu, but that's what killed his grandfather in 1918...
The other night on German TV: A psychologist is trying to explain people‘s strange desire for hoarding toilet paper.
His first point is a fecal one. His second point is that toilet paper doesn‘t go off, there is no best-before date. Which somehow seems to calm people.

To add to what MJP wrote: In 2017/18 the flu caused more than 25,000 deaths only in Germany.
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We have been watching zombies and dystopian fiction for so long that we actually expect that kind of outcome in our reality. So people react accordingly. I don't know. I'm from Spain, here we have sensed the same issue. The thing with toilet paper seems to me incomprehensible but it's all gone. Meat, gloves are in short supply as well. The liquor section is all intact save for the cheap beer. Even drinking people are disappointing when the apocalypse comes.
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