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I have made some user group changes (removing a lot of secondary groups), so if there is anything that you used to be able to do/see/fuck up in the past that can't do/see/fuck up now, let me know and I'll try to make adjustments.
Well, the Quick Links don't have the Who's Online option anymore, it's gone. That's fucked up, because I loved to be like a voyeur watching what the other members are doing... seriously, it's been nice to see how many are focused on a certain thread or actually replying to the subject at hand.
They weren't really private, they just were not open to unregistered visitors. Anyone who bothered to register could see everything. I didn't like the impression it gave - that there were so many private forums. I wouldn't know, as someone coming here for the first time, whether registering would get me into those or not. I couldn't change the word "private" to something better like, "registered users only" in that forum view, so now they're all open.

That change was made about a week before the usergroup changes that this thread is talking about though.

And all the changes are being made, since we're on the subject, in order to prepare to abandon this forum software.
Am I blind, or has the ability to edit your user profile been mostly turned off? I wanted to change the line under my name and can't seem to do it anymore. Am I doomed to be Playmate of the Month for all eternity or until jeezuss comes to take us away, whichever comes first??
The only "problem" I'm having is doing away with the private threads is enabling my life long obsession with being a lazy ass. Keyboarding S-t-a-v-r-o-g-i-n and ********* is not needed anymore in order to read all the posts and it's much appreciated. ;)
has the ability to edit your user profile been mostly turned off?
No. But there have been two security patches related to the user profile in the past two days (ugh), so maybe you tried to hit it while I was installing one of the patches.

I just changed a test user who has the same permissions that you do, worked fine, so it should work for you. Let me know what happens if it doesn't.
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