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I have not seen the first three of these photos before; the next three I have seen, but wonder about the last one. Was this discussed on the forum before? I seem to recall it was...I wonder about the details of the photo session...According to the web, these are all by Abe Frajndlich.
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I just got a copy of Portraits by Abe Frajndlich and he includes an "Afterword" where he describes how he took the pictures:



Looks like the knife idea was Buk's...And the magnifying glass over what is probably a sher bidi was taken on April Fool's Day, 1985..."See, look closely...what do you think I am smoking?"
we've seen the magnifying-glass pic before and I seem to remember, that I've posted a similar pic of Jack Nicholson then.

I'm also pretty sure, we had the giant-size-drawing somewhere here.

Passing these two to our moderators from hell.
I have´nt seen the knife photo, the fuck finger photo or the one of Buk smiling in his garden before. The same goes for the "Afterword" by Franjdlich. The rest of the photos I´ve seen before inc. the magnifying glass pic and the one of Buk lying on the floor drawing, both of which are in my Buk photo collection.
Anyway, thanks a lot for the photos and "Afterword", David!
last week in SuRo, preparations for that damn exhibition (22 hours of working in a row!), I pulled the magazine that has these photos:

Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin, May 31 1985.
(that's a weekly supplement to the daily 'Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung')

have made some quick pics of it for you. attached.


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