francEyE - Frances Dean Smith has died.

The following is from the biography of CB by Barry Miles, which I'm currently reading:

[CB told the Webbs]: 'Frances is a good woman.' But he went on to complain that she had what he called a 'coffeehouse attitude' and appeared determined to save and understand all mankind. (from page 138)

This was when she was pregnant with Marina. In many ways, the world needs more of this 'coffeehouse attitude' ... when it's in the right proportion, perhaps ... DaP

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
I may have missed a thread, so please point me to the correct one if it exists. Cold Dogs is probably the one "book" that Bukowski had the most control over, for whatever reason. Anyway, on the dedication page (see below) he refers to her as Frances Bukowski. Was this some kind of a proposal that was subsequently rejected? And what about him saying she typed the poems? That seems very odd at best....