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Nikhil looks to be old enough to know the internet and this forum.

Maybe someday we'll hear from him. This forum gives him a better picture of his Grandfather than he can get from reading biographies.

Although it appears to be a children's book, it would be interesting to read the last story in it about her relationship with Buk and to see how she explains it to Nikhil.
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Sure you could find it yourselves, but here's a link:

Please contact the individual authors directly to purchase books by clicking on the author's name beneath each book cover.



Baby Grandma by FrancEyE, 48 pages, $14.00
This press is a vanity publisher. In other words, for a price they will publish any book. These presses are more printers than publishers.

Strange, to think of children being told about "Grandpa Bukowski" as a bedtime story. Wonder if she'll ever write a memoir about Bukowski for adults -- that would be something.
"Poet Grandma was lonesome," FrancEyE writes. "So she wrote a letter to the world's greatest poet and told him she would like to meet him." The result was a love affair that yielded a daughter and also helped "Poet Grandma" find her own writer's voice.

- i like that.
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dude, I have no desire whatsoever to read this book. maybe the last story but thats about it. doesnt everybody feel like bukowski is their dirty old grandfather who's told them stories over the years as they grow older? that seems to be part of the appeal of bukowski anyways.

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