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So last night I went to check out Brendan Benson @ the Troubadour. Brendan is the other singer/songwriter in the raconteurs with Jack White. Anyway, the opening act was a guy named Frank Fairfield. He sat on chair, played the fiddle, the banjo, and a couple of acoustic guitars and sang. The dude was amazing. Reminded me of old blues singers, Son House, Johnson, etc.... So if anyone wants to check someone out doing this type of stuff nowadays, there's a song sample on his labels website, just click here. I had never heard of him prior to last night, but I just ordered his debut LP.

Oh and here's a pic of Mark from Benson's band, since I'm one of those fools who can't put his phone away, trying to capture some sort of memory from the show. But, mjp I know you don't understand the taking pics, however a nice little coquette came up to me after the show, to give me her email address so I could send her the pics! Ha, the plan worked.

His music reminds me of "R. Crumb and his Cheap Suit Serenaders" who's music I like, well some of the songs anyway.

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