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Teenage Head was one of if not Canada's (well Ontario's which is the only part of Canada that matters) first punk bands.
They had some great quirks-they would not play until the period of the hockey game they were watching was over.
And they could and would party with you before during and after the show-especially if you were buying.
Sorry to learn of this. I loved this band.
"Let's Shake" was a staple of
the trio I played guitar for in the mid-80's.
Their songs were fast, loose, and fun.

Like the girls that came to our gigs...
teenager giving/getting head.
when they were signed to a US deal, they were forced to change their name to Teenage Heads, changing the meaning to something 'cleaner.'
From the Flamin' Groovies song Teenage Head:

I'm a monster
Got a revved up teenage head
teenage monster
California born and bred

Can't find a good Groovies youtube for this so I guess I'll have to settle for .
being no native speaker - does this mean the tip of a teenager's cock, a teenager giving head or simply literally the head of a teenager?

alludes to oral sex
and a 'loonie' to the first non Canadian who correctly identifies a 'toonie'...:D
Ok A toonie to the first non Canadian who correctly identifies WTF PEI means!!

Prince Edward Island. A Provence of Canada.:p For the youngsters who attended school in California, a Provence is a State in Canada and Canada is a country north of the United States of America. The people there are very nice unless you are an idiot to them so 50% chance you will make it.
I love you fuckin' Canadians.
you forgot to end it with "EH"

i can't believe teenage head made the pages of buknet - i went to highschool in toronto when they hit the scene and they were a big deal for awhile...i imagine every city had their own hometown 'punk rock' band but i didn't realize anyone outside of the city had heard of them.

i'll send the loonie and take care of the toonie as you want it in american or canadian $$? :D
Loonies and twoonies are Canadian. You know the PayPal account. I lived in North Dakota for four years, so that's almost being in Canada, eh.
forgive me i was only trying to win you over with my magnanimity. :rolleyes:

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