Fred Voss talks about Buk, Beats etc. (1 Viewer)

I met Fred a couple of years back and he signed my copy of Goodstone to which he said "I thought this book was out of print?" I was too embarrassed to say I'd picked it up for £2.50 off ABE, especially as I had to admit to being unable to afford the book he was promoting.

It was a good night and Joan Jobe read some poems about Buk too. The highlight was Jenni Fagan reading from her novel, but in a nerdy small press perspective it was meeting Fred that made the evening for me. They were heading off to Hull after the reading; apparently they like him up there, which may be because it reminds them of when they used to have an industry other than sex trafficking and drug smuggling.

Anyway, a greek blues blog interviewing an American small press poet, how obscure.

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