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Free To A Good Home: Dan Fante's Chump Change (1 Viewer)


Sad Flower in the Sand
I picked this up for like... $3 a couple years back. British publication (Rebel Inc) in 1998 of Fante's first novel and a good read. I'll ship it to you in the next couple days if you don't mind media mail.

If it gets claimed in the next couple minutes... It might take me awhile to confirm and post that is has been so... apologies.
What the hell. I've never read Dan, so count me in. After reading, I'll send it free along its way (unless I really like it and want to be selfish, you know).
OK, it belongs to PS. PM me your address and it'll go out on (probably) Monday.

I like the book. And it is part of the trilogy of his... Plus, you can put this copy on your shelf and say "I read him when..." and people will be impressed by the fact that it isn't the newer Ecco versions.

You'll probably get laid more and get a nice Elvis-style hairdo.*

*No guarantees**

**Unless you pay for hookers and a new haircut.
i had a signed copy that I read. fante was a prick to me so one night i got drunk on wine, ripped it into a big pile of tattered flesh, set it ablaze, and then pissed on the ashes. good book though.

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