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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Dear buknet members,

Today we heard about the death of poet Todd Moore.

A while ago, Todd sent us a poem as a tribute to Bukowski .
We had planned to publish the poem in a future purple glow press project.
We have decided to drop that idea and we are offering you the poem as a bookmarker broadside.
This offer is for buknet members only.

We are going to produce 26 bookmarkers and they are free.
Next monday they will be ready to ship.

If you would like to receive the broadside, send your name and address to [email protected]

This is our way to honor Todd Moore's memory.

That's it.

J & J
That's a nice offer and a nice way to honor his memory!
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beautiful offer! Thanks!

Is there a way to include this in my last order or has it proceeded already?
If so: nevermind!
Jimmy Snerp is so honest it means I must confess the same. When I heard from SA Griffin I looked him up right away and discovered I had a book with some of his work. He did write well.
I've received mine as well. It looks great, hand painted and all. Nice poem too.
Thanks a lot!
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I got a letter from The Netherlands today. Thank you it is the the American Bible of Outlaw Poetry- the Todd Moore tribute bookmark, that is. Thnx J&J!
If there are any left, Jan, please. I would be honored to have one. I have sent you an e-mail with my address ... you are too kind.
Thanks for the compliments, EVERYONE.

The last Bookmark went to the right person: Harry Calhoun.

Black Swan & Ponder
Same here in Canada. When I picked up my mail I was wondering who the fuck do I know from the Netherlands? Then my brain clicked into gear. Looks and reads great. Many thanks.
I can tell you weren't a geography buff.(this was written in reference to a post that was moved and modified by a very powerful player whom I would not dare to challenge.)

If I even hear about Amsterdam or see a Heineken I think of my dear nephew. Cheers to the Netherlands and all the Dutch Masters.

I'm no match...
got mine today. very nice work. it's quite a good poem, also. Todd Moore had it.

thanks j&j and Mr. Moore.
Actually remembered to open mine... very nice and the ink was nearly still wet on it. Great poem, great production. Thanks muchly!
Got mine in the mail too! Good times--it came out beautifully! Many, many thanks for the kind freebie!
shit happens

Hi everyone,

W're sorry about the printing quality.
So...hurry up reading the poem because
it will self destroy :D

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