Free Will Is An Illusion (1 Viewer)

i believe our actions are a result of biology, conditioning, and environment. minds are like computers, thougts are just data being processed and decisions are downloads.
Is this a question or a commentary?

I imagine mike (if he were not off in some far away land) would say dicks can be a) joysticks, or b) floppys. And, logically following, pussies would be like floppy drives (which poses a problem since floppy dicks aren't easily inserted into pussies, whereas joysticks could be... but just try fitting a joystick into your average floppy drive).

A conundrum.
We are all escapably bound by various physical law = determinism

I should have wrote 'inescapably' rather than escapably. Oops.

Free Will is an is free beer...all beer costs...especially, the beer, that has your pants down at your ankles, as you wiggle your willy in the face of some sleeping beauty.

That was a long time ago....


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