Freedom and True Story -- Earth Rose 1: Fuck Hate (1966) (1 Viewer)

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
It's possible that this could be the first appearance of True Story, but Freedom first appeared in Ole No. 1 (1964). It's a single 17 "x 22" sheet that was supposed to be folded in half, although the one in the pictures below was folded twice and others were never folded. Richmond printed it and there were supposedly some arrests over this one, but I forget the details.

!20160813_143524.jpg !20160813_143607.jpg !20160813_143705-(1).jpg
IMG_20160813_0015.png !IMG_20160813_0016.png !IMG_20160813_0017.jpg
Is it the same paper as Earth 1 and 2 listed in the database ? And does anyone have scans of the poems uncollected in those ? (would be curious to read the Rimbaud be damned)

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