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I made these for the first (but not last) time this week
Marinated the suckers in soya Oyster sauce beer ginger and mustard
The deep fried them in a spiced flour/cornmeal (after egg wash and neutral flour) then tossed them in a butter and schricca sauce. For only 2-3 minutes.
They were very cool-but I have to tell you the texture of those raw suckers had me thinking the whole time.
We don't see much cooking at Bucknet-so thought I would offer this up since the NHL has gone the way of the LP Video cassette and Foghat cover bands.
One of the founding fathers of modern cookery (George Auguste Escoffier) once served frogs legs to an unreceptive English crowd by not telling them what they were eating. And yes, they thought it was chicken. He also defrauded his bosses at the Savoy by rather large sums of money.

History lesson over.

I'm going to hop along now.
This reminds me of something...what is it...hmm...

I went to the market and for the first time I saw this special rack. I bought the whole rack: tiny octopi, snails, snakes, lizards, slugs, bugs, grasshoppers... I cooked the snails first. put them on the table.
"I cooked them in butter," I told her. "jam 'em in your craw. this is what the poor shits eat, by the way," I asked, jamming two or three snails into my mouth, "how was old Purple Stickpin today?"
"they taste like rubber..."
"rubber, slubber... EAT 'em!"
"they have those tiny assholes... I see their tiny assholes... oh..."
"everything you eat has an asshole. you have an asshole, I have an asshole, we all have assholes. Purple Stickpin has an asshole..."
she got up from the table and ran to the bathroom and started heaving.
"those tiny assholes... ooooh..."
I laughed, blubber slubber and jammed the tiny assholes into my mouth and drained them down with beer and laughed.
Odd ...I was hoping for other strange food journeys-cause thats what we do-experiment-it aint art but isn't it cool that it doesn't have to be-but it does stretch us past our comfort zone-and that is always a good thing
Balut, anyone?

I hadn't the nerve, for some reason, to swallow this litte delicacy of boiled duck embryo, but I did go with the caribou or water buffalo (It's just beef, yeh?). It was made into a kind of gelatinous substance or soup, kind of like - I guess - wallpaper paste. It was handed to me in a tin cup and I was given a fork for the cubes of fat or hide. Whatever, it was rather unpleasant, but, you know, "When in rome..."
The Philippines. Balut is a delicacy, a street food in the Philippines. They go up and down streets, calling, Balut! Depending, of course, on the stage of the embryo, sometimes you'll crack it open and there it is - beak and all.

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