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bukowski has been recommended to me since i started work at the post office decades ago -- a recent recommendation has found me here now -- my next ride to san pedro will be a bit investigative -- aim to read the entire collection -- NAMASTE -- mm
Welcome from sunny San Pedro.

Not much to see Bukowski-history-wise here in San Pedro, except his grave. You can still see his place on DeLongpre in Hollywood, and a couple of other old haunts in a very small radius. He was pretty low key during the San Pedro years.
friends in san pedro

good evening -- i'm looking for an excuse to drive to san pedro -- i have a couple friends at ft mcarthur -- i am curious to know what they knew -- mm
Can you teach me that Just kidding. None of that makes any sense to me though. I don't think I would want to see where Hank lived. I think it would be depressing.

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