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Digney in Burnaby

donkeys live a long time
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Not sure if this has made it into any collection, partially or totally. Don't think so.

(Okay, it's bass ackwards. And I did "try" to get it right. Moderators?) fixed! -ed.
Great stuff! I've never seen it before. Thanks a lot, Digney.
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It would be nice to have all the columns from the weeklies collected. Not just the ones a few publishers think are worth collecting.

I wonder also, on this wondrous night, whether anyone here has all of the weekly articles from NOLA, Freep and Open Pussy (and wherever else)...

And thank you Digney.
A quick add up of the scans I have, done about three years ago for Abel, of Open Pu-uh-City, Freep and NOLA (missing one year) is about 200MB. I have shot things up into the cyberspace holding pens for others to download. Not sure about this size. I'll investigate.

(So I checked my old email files and see I used Bigupload for something. I suppose if I chopped things up a bit I could get it done. I can't even remember if I scanned everything. Seems like there were 67 million emails between Abel and I back then. And we were both trying to economize on duplicating things already collected.

It's a mess. A somewhat organized mess, but a mess nonetheless. And it's 3 a.m. At least work isn't as odious as it has been for the past seven months. Sometimes the company fucks up in my favour.)
Fantastic, thanks. With the way the lines are broken with "/" marks throughout, I wonder if Bukowski submitted these pieces as a series of poems and the editor mashed them into prose, possibly to save space.

I first read Buk in the L.A. Free Press, when I was in high school or my early college years, around 1966 - 68. It's great seeing this old column. Yes, that would make a wonderful collection: all of the original Notes of a Dirty Old Man, in their original form, including the drawings. I'd buy that in a heartbeat.
1967? I'll have to come back later and download that file. Right now Santa is on my ass to move it along. Thanks.
Exactly. An Nth generation copy of a text or recording is better than none (except for a cassette tape I have of Clark Aston Smith reading his poetry. You can tell what his voice sounds like but not one word is intelligible.)
Just to explain the process (I know, we want to see the baby, not the pregnancy): Microfilm reels made from best available copies. Not all copies available, one reel missing. Reels are old and used (I seen and used some pretty antiquated machines myself). Print the page (or portion thereof) relying that the printer has proper ink and isn't totally screwed. Then scan the printed page into the computer using my old scanner (still working!). Lots of ways to not improve the quality in all those steps. I see now, at the University, I can scan directly to a digital format, saving paper, etc. Haven't tried that yet.

Also, the uploaded zip files will last for 30 days after the last download.

Stay tuned for the Boxing Week Blow-Out.
thanks again DiB -

it's so great to see the original pages with illustrations and ads.
Smaller file, and small screw ups. Two scans from this 1969 oc folder are from 1968. When I was dragging files around I screwed up, or missed, or something. So drag them to the 1968 file and they'll help make everything less nonsensical.

Not sure of the Jack Micheline on Bukowski date. Might not be 1969.

More to come. (I know, it's all too much but I'm on a roll now.)

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Digney, what do you mean "...the uploaded zip files will last for 30 days after the last download." Do they vanish from the Forum after 30 days, vanish from the computer they are downloaded to, don't vanish but won't open? I don't do much with zip files so pardon what may be a dumb question. And thanks.
DiB has uploaded the zip files to a hosting service that automatically removes files if they are not downloaded for over 30 days.

Once you have them on your PC, they will stay there until deleted or until your hard drive does that amazing trick they all seem to do... clunk... clunk... clunk :)
What Hank said, sorry for the confusion.

NOLA Express. A dog's breakfast from 1970 to 1972 in that I hadn't got a good naming system together so it's not chronological, it's alphabetical. And I haven't changed it over the years. (Maybe clicking "last modified" will help that.) I have added a quickly put together set of notes explaining to Cirerita, at the time of emailing, what was not scanned. Plus something from The Spectator. Not sure why it's in the file but the newspaper is not in the database as far as I can see so what the hell.

One frustrating part was that the 1973 NOLA Express microfilm reel (no. 138 in the underground press collection I believe) was missing from the library. As of a few months ago it still is missing.

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More great stuff! Thanks, again, Digney!
I hereby recommend Digney for the KBO - Knight of Buknet Order, First Class!
Canada doesn't have a King? But when I visited their parliament, the place was loaded with royalty gear. And all the coins have kings and queens on them. Come on...

Thanks for explaining about the hosting site dumping the files, hank solo. I didn't consider that possibility.
Queen Elizabeth II is on our coins. we are part of the Commonwealth, and the Monarch acts as a figurehead. I think she still OKs our Governor General (?), but other than that, she has no say in Canada.

most importantly, she has no say in the appointment of the King of Kensington. that is figured out in the curling rink with plenty of Molson. like all civilized nations.
I remember when William and Harry (and daddy Charles) came to town ten years ago. The boys were greeted like teeny bopper rock stars. It all seemed load of pish tosh from the throne where "we" sit and wipe.

Here's 1972 la freep. Added some notes to explain duplications at NOLA. Hopefully the doc file makes it. Initially I didn't have it in the zip file and couldn't seem to upload it separately.

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A couple more installments to go. I've just finished looking at the email exchange for those 1974-76 la freep files. Copied and pasted another doc file. Will get it all together tomorrow (today after I wake up).

Some guy named mjp wondered out loud about this,
It would be nice to have all the columns from the weeklies collected. Not just the ones a few publishers think are worth collecting.

I wonder also, on this wondrous night, whether anyone here has all of the weekly articles from NOLA, Freep and Open Pussy (and wherever else)...

and all this (fireworks included) is the result.
And the result is wicked awesome, as they might say in some Norteastern U.S. cities full of drunks and bloodthirsty thugs. It would seem that it is possible to put them all together, using these and another source that is in the pipeline, they should all be covered.

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