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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Has this been done before?
No author's name, title, editor's name, no text at all.
Just a picture and a book.

I think I may have seen just a photo, with no words, on a cover, but not on the cover and spine. Is the title and author on the spine?
This has no text on the spine. I didn't want text anywhere on the cover, but I was overruled. Even then, I doubt it was a terribly original idea. I'm sure someone has done it. Seems like an obvious ploy for a famous person's book.
It's funny, the're doing this with Gainsbourg, as I do have another book about Gainsbourg with NO writing on the cover:

This came out in the 80s by Edition Denoel and is primarily a photo-book.

What is the book, you've found here, Ponder?

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