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I cannot seem to find a copy of this DVD!
I know it is out of print, but damn. I have never seen the movie and do not want to pay $100 to see it. And I really want to see it!!!
I have been through every used DVD in every video and pawn shop in at least two counties... nothing. This sucks.

Sorry for the rant. Just count yourself lucky for having actually seen the movie because some of us cannot.
Someone (not me) has just posted a dvd image of the movie, apparently taken from hdtv, to alt.binaries.dvdr so if you have a premium news server and a big pipe you might want to grab it from there.
I got stoned and I missed it...

Right. And I PM'd him about a "place" where he can buy it in the next
20 minutes but...

he's viewing the pothead thread
Actually I just clicked on it for laughs... I don't smoke pot.
Then I started watching the big arse TV right in front of me and got side tracked...
I do drink lots of mixed drinks...
Over 20 7&7's so far tonight @ 3 liters/ 2 shots per high ball glass...
sorry about auction.

I've been trying to find a legit region 1 DVD of Barfly for some time for a friend, and $75 - $100 (usually on eBay) seems to be the going price. Don't fall for the "Greek" region 0 version that pops up on eBay, it is a bootleg.

Had I known Warner Bros. was going to knock this one out of print so quickly I would have bought a case of them. Best bet is to check eBay often and hope someone posts one with a reasonable "buy it now" price.
Yeah, someone told me it was a dub, and the quality was disappointing. And of course you can watch it online, but that's no way to really watch a movie. To me, anyway (and also poor quality). If quality isn't a concern, VHS copies are now very cheap, so there's always that.

One of the great things about the DVD when it came out was the handful of chapters of the Bukowski Tapes that were included as extras, but now that you can buy the Bukowski Tapes on DVD, they don't really matter. There's a nice little short film about Bukowski in the extras though, and it's cool to see the theatrical trailer. So it's still worth trying to get the original.
Maybe they'll release the DVD again at some point. I sure hope so. I've only got the VHS tape...:(
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there are 2 copies on ebay right now, both around $20. though there's still 5 days left in the auction.
they ship from Canada.
this has been mentioned before elsewhere, but it's worth bringing up again; the commentary track by Schroeder is pretty good.
that's all. just saying.
alright. catch you on the flipside.
I'm seeing $85 to $100 on that link, with the exception of the greek versions. I saw some VHS out of Canada...

Still no luck locally either.
the 2 auctions I was talking about ended yesterday, both went for about $75.
I got my copy on ebay 3 years ago, still sealed, for $10.
out of print is a motherfucker.
but it only cost me $5 to see it in a theatre 20 years ago.
ah me, how time flies.
Well, a bootleg is a bootleg. You get what you pay for. You may as well buy a brand new still sealed VHS copy for $5. The bootleg will inevitably have technical issues that will drive you nuts.

I picked up the legit copy I was looking for for a friend a couple months a go for $60 on eBay. Still steep, but they are out there for less than $100.

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