Fugazi giving it all away (1 Viewer)

used to see them (almost) every summer back in the mid to late nineties in nashville...always a good show, and always 5 bucks...
Never saw them, but used to run into Ian MacKaye around DC at shows. Also once hung out with his brother and the lead singer from L7.
Shame on you for never seeing them Bill. Great band that always puts on a wonderful show. Unique in their way with the admission costs -like james points out the tickets were always cheap and they avoided the overpriced merchandise often seen at shows. I use to argue with friends in a silly, pointless way they weren't a punk band. No matter the label they've always had their own special brand of integrity. My youtube claim to fame is the back of my head is visible in the following clip. Somewhere to the right is the only clue I'll give. Heh.

I lived around DC for a long time. Good luck EVER seeing them there. Their shows sold out before they were announced to their inner circle. I never saw them because tickets were plain impossible to get. Maybe if I was friends with one of them or something, but as an outsider in DC, good luck ever catching a show.

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