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I have a small folded funeral card that was given to those attending Hanks memorial at the cemetary. I received it from Red Stodolsky a few months before he passed on one of my last visits to Baroque Books. He just gave it to me out of the blue and said to hang on to it. Anyone else have one? No idea of any value or if there are hundreds out there. It's not a photocopy but clearly an original. Can anyone shed light on scarcity or possible value? Forgot I had it. It was in the middle of my cream floored Bukowski Sampler. Thanks.
Mine is a bit different. Red got a couple at the service that day and both had the same poem. He gave me one and hung on to one as far as I know

The poem in your's is an excerpt from 'If We Take' so it's probably the same item. I believe it has an image of praying hands on the front cover?
Ah, oh yes sure. :oops:

Praying hands. Praying. Should have gone to Sunday school. :jesus:

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