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Funny pics, but is this really accurate? (1 Viewer)


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So someone is selling a bunch of Buk books on eBay.

The funny part is the little typewriter put in each picture, made me laugh, nice touch. However each listing says these books are no longer in print? Wouldn't be better to say, no longer published by BSP, or something like that? Since any of the books he's selling can obviously still be purchased. I don't know, not a big deal, but I just found it odd reading that Ham On Rye, and all the other books being sold are no longer in print. Sorry, I'm a bit bored, and tired from packing, so just browsing the web.

I don't know, on second thought, I just looked at the books again. I'm sure they're trying to get the BSP editions point across, anyone have any thoughts, other than maybe I need a hobby!?


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Well, they say Slouching Toward Nirvana is "no longer in print" as well, so they are 1) using a template, 2) lazy and 3) they just don't care about the minor details such as in print, out of print...things like that.


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My first impression was that the image was photoshopped, and that's why the typer is out of scale, but maybe it's just a tiny typewriter. It would have been a nice touch, had the seller used a real, full sized typewriter. And the book is not o.p., just available from a different publisher.

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