Further Musings from Half-Truth, 1993 (1 Viewer)

i was doing some cross-referencing earlier and found what may be an uncollected little buk piece. it didn't turn up in any of the searches anyway. it's from a zine called Half-Truth, the November-December 1993 issue.

ScannedImage-4.jpg ScannedImage-5.jpg
I don't recall seeing that one either. Though he did other similar pieces with the numbered, tossed-off lines. Wasn't one posted here recently?


That should be engraved on his headstone. Maybe then you wouldn't have to clear away the empty Shlitz cans and liquor bottles when you visited...
Wow. That's as close to writing aphorisms (as aphorisms, that is) as he ever got, I'd say.

"the bell only tolls for itself.


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