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Jesus Christ. What ever happened to one person sitting down in one room and writing something onto a sheet of paper.

Soon you'll need a PH.D. to even think about the thing. Too much for me.
This intrigues me from the scientific aspect but not the artistic.

I would carry out the same procedure except use maybe The Declaration of Independence or other historical documents instead of poetry.
Just to see where it leads. But as for a "new form" or whatever of poetry, I don't buy it. It seems like an experiment in random chance or something. Like what John Cage did with his I Ching method of "composing".

EDIT: slimedog - What do you have to do to make a rat vomit ?
Same old trick, replacing the individual by technology! For chrissake, we are losing our jobs to that. This is a scientific experiment, not poetry.
Do you remember which artist had canned his own shit and sold the cans for 2000$ each, because he was somebody?
To me, that runs along the same line.
Interesting? sure...

here is one, dating 61, but I have read about something of the sort, most recently.
but I have read about something of the sort, that is more recent.
Here's a sample of Bäk's inspired writing: 'Pataphysics has inspired an anarchic politics of social revolt among much of the avant-garde, but the pedigree of this revolt has undergone many twists and many shifts in the clinamen of its evolution. With seed money from Nigeria I'm starting up Bäk.net and you're all invited to join.
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haha, i didn't read the article, but i had a funny feeling it was about christian bok as soon as i saw 'future poetry.' i read a whole book by him about pataphysics in grad school, and his writing is just so insufferably "haute" that you want to smack him every other sentence. it's kind of like this article robert kelly wrote about black sparrow press, where the contest apparently is to use one really obscure word every sentence just for the sake of it. "Clinamen."
When I looked up "clinamen" the dictionary on my computer showed "No Entries Found. Did you mean clansmen?" So I looked it up online.

I usually like it when I come across words that I don't know, but not when it's one that I will never be able to use in a sentence.
I read this in my Harper's. It's all bullshit. I'm a scientst, I know.
But, my mother and father had sex 37 years ago and a DNA seed multiplied and multipied, divided and doubled, until one day, 9 1/2 months later, a little baby normal in most ways was born. That is true genetic poetry.

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