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G,day Buk fans, Im new and hoped to chat about his works with other fans.

I have lost my rhythm.
I can't sleep.
I can't eat.

I have been robbed of
my filth.
its a quote from " metamorphosis " ( one of my favorite poems ). Have you got bored with talking about Buk and decided to just take the piss?
I'll say it before someone else does. We love talking about Bukowski and other topics on this forum. So far, you have posted 15 times today. In your first fifteen posts, you have told us that you stole a book and that you thought that Bukowksi would be OK with it, that you like some other authors. You have made repeated machinegun-like posts and have started a fight with one of our nicer members, Mr. Ponder.

I have seen the people on this forum act quickly when they think that they have a troll on the board. I'm just sayin'

I hope that I'm wrong and that former member RoadRager has not moved to Australia. We all love new members with new insights into the subject at hand.

I went on to this site to talk about B. Im no troll. I had the piss taken out of me from the get go so i got heated. Anyway, if you dont excuse the sinners what the hell are you reading B for?
I don't see what reading Buk has anything to do with joining a forum and then insulting the members. You have mentioned this a few times. It just does not make and sense. We have had other (former) members that thought the same thing. We like Buk, so we like being abused? What would give you that idea? As far as "excusing the sinners", again, that is equally confusing. Are you saying that if we like reading Buk, that we have to accept all manner of behavior that he wrote about or that he lived?

that's my favorite...

"you're all stupid cunts and deserve to die."

and then, "oh come on, this is a bukowski site... if you're true bukowski fans, you'd be okay with someone acting like a total jerk!!"

i certainly don't want to accuse anyone of not "getting" bukowski, but i can't imagine that anyone who holds that idea thinks of bukowski as more than booze, whores, puking, and the like. funny thing is, this guy seems to have read enough bukowski to realize that there's more to him than that.

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