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Trade Ganske Alminnelig Galskap (1 Viewer)

I have an extra copy of:

Title: Ganske Alminnelig Galskap
- 8 Bukowski short stories illustrated by Matthias Schultheiss
Black and White, 152 A4 pages.
Translated to Norwegian by Marianne Brodtkorb
Printed in Norway by TANGEN Grafisk senter
Published by Cappelens Forlag.
1st (and only?) print, hardcover, 1988.
ISBN 82-02-11243-5
Condition: Very Good

A) To Fylliker
B) 150 kilos hore
C) Fra ringen til slakteriet
D) Morderne
E) Henry Beckett
F) Tito og Baby
G) New York for 95 cent dagen
H) En jobb i New Orleans
I paid 250NOK (aprox. 34 Euro / 41 USD) for it.
Primarily wanting to SWAP for something on my quite extensive want-list for approximately equal value/price.

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