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A Sure Bet

A good read about Buk, although I didn't care for the "I took my son whale-watching and sipped espresso in a cafe" type comments.

Locklin was invited to the wedding AND the funeral.

He knew how to deal with Buk.

As little as possible.
Some of the things I don't want to talk too much about. For instance, David Barker unfortunately wrote that book Charles Bukowski Spit In My Face which took place in the 49er Tavern. But I would rather not comment on that.

What the hell man. If something happens to you, you have every right to write about it. At least it really happened. Unlike the fanciful tales of certain pink gnomes...
ok, I must be blind but I can't see a single link on that page. Or are you just kidding? You're kidding, right? RIGHT?
Sorry folks, but Dan Fante has no credibility based on this biographical blurb written by BEN PLEASANTS.

Are readers supposed to think "WOW, WHAT A LIFE THAT FANTE KID HAD"?

He's barely (not barley) been scratched.

"...Maybe that's why Dan Fante left Malibu when he was nineteen, hit the Beat Scene in Greenwich Village, joined an urban commune, protested the Vietnam War, took whatever shit job he could find, and was in and out of two marriages before he was thirty, with child support and alimony payments, ending up a CO when all the white kids he grew up with got college draft deferments or served in Vietnam..."
I like the interview. And you?
yeah, nice interview.

"... and they just hung around and talked about this or that and then Bukowski got progressively drunker. Bukowski wasn't really someone you would want to be around when he had been drinking a lot. He would be very gracious and an ordinary person up until a point and then a click took place and he would start to say, "Now we are back to the literary chit chat again." I think all the bitterness of his life would well up and he would be quite hostile to people or unfair to people at that point. So, mainly it was drinking a lot and the good times that I remember with him. His behaviour would depend on what stage of drinking he was at. "

That's exactly what Gerry said about Buk, when he was in Germany. I think it was in the 2005-yearbook of the Buk-society.

btw, in the Italian edition of 'A sure Bet', which came out this year, there's an article about the celebration at Huntington last year. This will also appear in the forthcoming new yearbook of the Buk-society (2007). I'm not certain if the article will be in future editions of the American edition.

oh, and I LOVE the pinkgnome website! Very well done! Good work! Thanks!

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