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I appreciated your kind words! you know I did stop and think about it and realize asking MJP to read my stuff may have been out of line, but over the last few months I thought he and I had developed a friendship and I guess I forgot that he probably has 100's of other things he could be doing. maybe I got the manic wind late one night and thought, this was the answer. I didn't mean to throw the idea out there in front of everyone. I didn't even think anyone but him would read the thread. then I thought, God if I read someone else trying to get his attn to read their works I guess I would feel the same way everyone else thought. and in my little head, at the same time I thought he would feel honored that I was coming to him of all people for advice...

I guess it's kinda like that ole saying, "I told God my plans and he said he wasn't impressed." or maybe I had a brain fart, or maybe it was the whiskey... anyhow, just wanted to point out I appreciate the kind words! and that I have learned my lesson!

ps also I kinda just assumed that everyone on here was my friend... and I still do hold everyone in that regard. thanks for humbling an old man!

... I didn't even think anyone but him would read the thread...

Perhaps you meant to send a Private Message?

Maybe this will help:-

yeah I know but that's no fun! alright if you insist! good call! and I was gonna PM you to tell you I love your scream name!
OMG! I was gonna pm you and totally tell you that Pete Wentz (who once offered to suck your cock, before he went into the hospital) wants you to stop talking about yourself!

but I didn't. I wrote it here. in this thread. OMG! LOL! but you are my friend, so I can tell you anything!
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