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I have found this printer in the basement of my friend's antique shop. I have no idea what it is and how it can be used. I do not have the picture of the actual printing device but found one online and wondering what kind of printing machine it is, and how it is operated. Is it worth kleening it up? It looks quite nasty, but it has a lot of charm. There is a clunky cover over the thing and it is movable.
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Pretty sure that is a mimeo machine. If it works then you have 3 challenges:

1) Finding the stencils. I have some here for my mimeo, but they are hard to find. I found that at one point they were still being made in Mexico, but that may have stopped. There is no way that I know of yo make your own stencils.
2) Finding the ink. The ink is strange. It is mixed with kerosene? It never dried in the drum, which is very important as there is no real way to fully clean the drum and after a while the little holes would get clogged and the press would be useless. I have found a source, not surprisingly, in Cleveland that has ink for mimeos.
3) make sure there are no dings in the drum. It must be PERFECT. Mine was perfect, but I had to bring it to Cleveland and Sacramento and the airline finally dinged the drum. This causes whatever is over that area to NOT print. I could try to bend it back out.

If you can find someone who has a RisoGraph then you can get them to "burn" a stencil and you can carefully attach it to a header from a gestetner stencil and use that on the 120. The Riso ink is useable as well.

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