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was GG Allin's motto, similarly enough to Buks "Drink, Write and Fuck". I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with the guy or his life story but I am frankly intrigued with him as I am Bukowski. If there is anyone who reminds me of Buk it's this guy, Mr. Allin. He was invited to a University for some reason or another, to do a speech or something of that sort and he walks into the classroom naked and starts throwing chairs at the students! The man was arrested in the the majority of The States.

Let me share one of his shitty songs with you.

Most of you probably know this, but his birth name was Jesus Christ Allin.

I always thought that his story was cool, but the music shitty.

I can't really see how you do that with Allin being a scumfuck murder junkie, but there are miracles that I just don't understand. :wb:
Buk was his own person, unique and nobody like him but if there is anyone who puts me the least bit in mind of him it's that guy. Not that they are really anything alike, of course you can point out similarities between any two people but it seems to me GG was some of the Myth Buk created himself to be.
GG Allin is filmed beating up a female and throwing her out a hotel room after coming back without shit, this I can see Bukowski, his alter-ego or even his myth doing after a female promises to show up with booze but doesn't. Being a complete asshole when asked to appear at a University to read and/or talk with the students. Public rape - Something Buk wrote about. Misanthropy: they were both violent, vulgar and abusive to the general human race, even their fans. I don't feel like scratching my mind for any other similarities.Bukowski was one of a kind I agree.

GG was no idiot but it would tire me to argue you that, it's too easy put an idiot in any human being. I do believe he had more talent than most musicians out there, sure he was no Hendrix or whomever else the general public feels has obvious talent but the man had style, sure it involved heroin, self mutilation, violence, misogyny, rape, animal rape... possible fantasies of raping very young girls... But he really had this way about him that strikes a cord in me, nothing like Buk but yeah... I really dig a few of his songs and I wouldn't entirely mind listening to a record or two of his.
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I do believe he had more talent than most musicians out there...
If he'd had any talent he could have taken his Iggy on steroids schtick and done something interesting with it. He did not. He did not because he was really and actually crazy, so he lacked the insight and control to create anything of interest. Watching a crazy person mutilate himself and shit on people isn't interesting, and it doesn't take any talent to be the crazy person, they are what they are. Saying he was talented is like saying a bird is talented because it can fly.

I think you're meeting with a lot of resistance here because this isn't even a discussion about "what is art," because there was no art there. A partially disturbed psyche can be interesting in art (you could argue that all good art comes from that partially disturbed psyche), but someone who is just mentally ill - it's just uncomfortable to watch him. Not because he's so "gross" or "outrageous," but because he's utterly fucked in the head.

It's interesting on the same level that watching insane people try to do the dishes is interesting. But to claim that there is any talent at work there is misguided and naive.

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