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Holy Christ!, can you say obsessed?...I can hear it now, Saturday afternoon, after the market and walking the dogs: "Gilbert, I'm quite sure that I left the index 46-68 atop the mantle in the library...

I must disagree George, I've never know you to misplace such a delicate document"

...and George, please straighten your tie":eek:
Has anyone seen the gilbert and george in tate modern?

I love G&G. I haven't been to the tate yet but I plan to go soon, I remember seeing a documentary of them where they were sitting in a very English old home drinking tea and acting like an old married couple, brilliant!

I always thought they were well known around the globe but from the replies here it seems perhaps not
I looked, and I still don't know what they do.

Two Queer performance Artists and Painters, Photo-Montage, and provocatuers of shocking Images, as well as, social commentary on urban life.

They are always together - regard themselves as Art.

I read that the pair own one of the most powerful graphics workstation computers in the UK, needed to manipulate the huge file-sizes that producing their work requires.

Are they any good? I don't know...I'm not moved by them...

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