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The questions weren't bad, but I have to think what bugs people who have been interviewed a million times is when the interviewer doesn't like or doesn't believe an answer and presses to get the answer they want. Like:

Do you think that there's so many distractions today that most people don't really put in enough time to be great musicians?
(grumbles) Oh God. Musicians are born. You can't become a great musician if you haven't got the gift.

But a lot of practice helps though, right?
No, it doesn't.

I practiced for a couple of years, in 1958 and '59, and since I haven't practiced at all. The only time I bang my drums is when we're on a gig.

What do you mean, "Wow?"

To play the way you play, you would think you would have to keep up with it.
Keep up with what?

Being able to play the way you play.
I've always been able to play the way I play.​

The initial answer was perfect and correct, but the interviewer can't parse it so he doesn't let it go. Imagine going through that hundreds of times.

It was like the interviews Bukowski did in the last few years of his life..."Okay, is this over?"
I practiced for a couple of years, in 1958 and '59, and since I haven't practiced at all. The only time I bang my drums is when we're on a gig.
Frankly, this comes across like a boatload of shit. I mean, I understand the comment about having it or not, but it's well-documented that Blind Faith had a rehearsal history before recording the material for their one and only album. The line between practice and rehearsal is certainly ambiguous, but the line between practice/rehearsal and gigs is crystal clear. So, in that context, I can't blame the reviewer for asking the question.

That said, he's a great drummer. I just don't understand the need to portray himself as some omnipotent being. His work speaks for itself. His words only serve to detract from that legacy.
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And in the end...
I think he is just being bolshie with the interviewer, it probably is the inane questions half the time and they must weary of it, so ... don't do them. When he said "Jack who?" - about Jack Bruce - I could wallop him ( right between the eyes) - if he was 30yrs younger.:wb:

He and Jack Bruce fought like cat and dog throughout their time together both in the Graham Bond Organisation (pre Cream) and then while in Cream, with Clapton as mediator. They only thing they liked about each other was their playing ( reason for doing it again with Cream) and Jack Bruce is a world class Bassist; that he managed to stand out beside Clapton and Baker is an achievement.


When Baker said he didn't practice, I took it to mean that he no longer set aside daily/weekly time with his instrument to keep his chops up. As far as "rehearsal" goes, I would hope he still rehearsed with his various bandmates before performing. I wouldn't want to buy a ticket otherwise.

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Has anyone seen the documentary?

I really recommend watching the documentary, I just did. After watching the documentary "Beware of Mr. Baker", the interview doesn't come as a surprise. No doubt, he can be a crazy and mean sonofabitch, but as an artist, he is pure. I am amazed that he is still alive.
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He broke the nose of the guy who was doing the documentary. By hitting him with his cane. :oo

This seemed to be one of this I-WILL-slap-you-a-good-one-Interviews :DD
Holy Crap...we're talking about Ginger Baker? Are you serious? I am a life long drummer and Ginger Baker is one of my top, top guys. When I was a kid in the 1960's Ginger drove me mentally insane. I could drum some Beatles stuff because it wasn't too hard but Ginger was doing things that didn't seem physically possible. It wasn't until my mid 20's that I could play Cream stuff accurately.

Can I tell you something that makes me one of THE coolest guys on the planet..... I have Ginger Baker's autograph! No Shit. No lie. I got it in Philly after he played with Jack Bruce and some guitar player in a place called the Chestnut Cabaret. It was pretty much like I died and had gone to heaven. I got to speak to him and get his autograph. He signed my Cream double album. I cherish it like no other thing I own.

I have heard about this interview. I can't wait to watch it. This is THE coolest website on planet EARTH!!!

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