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Every day the 'Giveaway of the day' website offer FREE licensed software. These are genuine, full programs, not so called 'Warez' or pirated editions. Sometimes good, useful programs, but also sometimes not. Worth a daily visit to see what's available, but please don't download everything every day and then get mad when your PC becomes bloated or worse. Usually the software is PC only, although they do have an occasional Mac application. Programs must usually be installed on the day of the offer.

Anyway, today's (21 April 2011) free application is All Sound Recorder for Windows (works with Windows 7, XP and Vista). Useful for recording whatever sound is playing on your PC, so good for streaming audio when other methods of capturing the audio file fail.
Today's is no slouch either; Easy Clone Detective. "Easy Clone Detective contains a very fast algorithm to detect identical files on your hard drives. If you find and delete unused duplications, you will get more free space on your drives. In addition it will speed up your computer. Search thousand of files in just few minutes."

If you have a backup drive (and of course you have a backup drive, don't you?) you probably have lots of duplicate files.
Today's giveaway is a decent security package: Outpost Security Suite Pro - firewall, antivirus etc.
The Giveaway license includes one-year of databases and configuration updates.

If installing this type of software it's usually a good idea to remove any existing similar products you might have.

Personally I'm going to try this in preference to my current free antivirus. I had an earlier version of Outpost on a previous computer and it always seemed to work well, but as with all firewall and av software your experiences may vary. And this type of firewall will ask you to choose to allow or block network access a lot during the first few hours/days/weeks of using it - so may drive some users nuts.

Anyway here are the links:-

I downloaded and use a good, free sound recorder that will capture anything you can hear on your computer, streaming audio, sound from video, whatever. I had trouble getting it to work at first, but once I tweaked my various default audio settings, it worked great. I use it to record radio podcasts. It's called "Free Sound Recorder", which is kind of a generic name, I realize.

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