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If you ever wondered why Bukowski used a word like "nincompoop" in a poem in Sifting Through the Madness for the Word, the Line, the Way, now you can see that he didn't.

When is John Martin going to repent of his tragedy ?
The more I go through the forum, and the amazing database, and the more I feel cheated. Even the BS poetry books listed as mostly safe make me wonder if they had been censored or not. (I think the Madrigals is not safe at all for instance, a lot of censored stuff in it). Mostly safe is not enough to me and I guess for all of you. Reprinting the dirty dozen posthumous books should be a priority, but all BS probably would need new editions.

Reading this particular poem in the database, I thought this one is quite accurate nowadays ...
Have been reading him for 30 odd years..and knew of john martins meddling..but did not realise what a fkin destructive hatchet job it was. Heinous and saddening..I too hope someday everything that can be salvage from this mess is reprinted. I just opened "sifting through" and saw this poem randomly..So am wondering has anyone any idea of how much of that book for instance is altered this severely. This site is a beautiful tribute to the man by the way.

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