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I'm pretty sure a lot of you are already aware of this release from Tangerine Press, but those who aren't I think should check it out. When Michael came to visit me in Gozo he kept going on about this writer who had lived a colourful life and how he had written a book of short stories that he was going to publish. Although I trust Michael's judgement, I was still skeptical as there are so many writers out there who have been (or who claim to have been) junkies/homeless/on the edge, etc. However, having read the collection I am genuinely impressed. Chris Wilson's stories read like they have been written with experience and they also are also well-written, which is commonly lacking in tales of this type.

If you have some spare cash and fancy trying out a new writer then I would say you can't go too wrong throwing some change at this book..
A fine production from a fine writer and a fine press. A first pass suggests some relationship to Buk, but by no means any sort of coat-tail wrangling. Wilson has his own style. The writing is very matter of fact; it's not chock full of imagery nor any sort of pathos, hyperbole or {insert Monty Python clip here}. Rather it's chock full of honesty and written in a style that draws you into the stories because it seems so real. This is probably because it is real, or drawn from real experience.

I can see why one would think that this is exactly what Buk did, and it's like Buk wrote, but it's not at all like Buk wrote. It is similar in conception, but dissimilar in execution, if that makes any sense. Regardless of how you objectify it, it is no doubt worth a strong read.

I'm waiting on my copy, but am looking forward to it. Helluva title too.
Only 17 words short of your average. :p

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