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An introduction.

Hello to all! Just found this site and am chuffed to bits (very happy). I've been reading and listening to Buk for some years now and consider myself a collector of his stuff. (not cheap is it) Anyway, I'm here and just wanted to say hi. We love Buk here in the UK too. (questions to follow soon) Laters and thanks for a great site. Tone. Portsmouth, England.
Well, I'm new to this but thanks for letting me know :rolleyes:

A ah, so this is where I do this (thanks Bob Dylan) OK, I'm Tony from Portsmouth in England and like most of us, mad about Buk. I consider myself a collector of his stuff from cheap, leave in the toilet, ECCO copies to signed and numbered first eds (not cheap) I also write myself, from poems, short stories and one novel. Anyway, that's me. Looking forward to this site and some answers to some of my questions. Lastly, thank f*£K I found you, thought I was going crazy by myself.
Welcome, ToonUK! Please tell us about your collection...

Yeah, welcome to the Buk disease support group...:rolleyes:

I've been to Portsmouth in England (once, twice actually) circa 1980. All my people came from the Isle of Wight and I was there to visit the last remaining relatives - suppose their all dead by now ...so it goes.

Welcome to the show, ask away, I like the B. Dylan reference already

Bobby D
Ah, the Isle of Wight. Can see it from my window and was there last year for the four day festival. Unfortunatly I only saw two bands, Prodigy and another I fail to recall. Alcohol, drugs and a girl named Carrie all to blame. Oh, and myself of course. Haha!

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