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In my last couple of years at Barnes & Noble Kaur and other dreck-ful Insta-poets were putting a lot of young people in the poetry section and they were actually listening to me when I made recommendations, so... That's pretty OK.

Art should be accessible. But it shouldn't have to be. Half the fun of reading TS Eliot when I was in high school was figuring out what the fuck he was talking about.

And translating Latin.

But that's not for everyone, so...


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I heard that interview on the radio the other day (yesterday?). Anyway, there's plenty of art "for the masses." Thing is, the people in THE ART WORLD (or THE LITERATURE WORLD or THE CINEMA WORLD) look down their noses at the art that "the masses" enjoy. I mean, you have to place yourself on a perch above "the masses" to even talk about what should be done for "the masses."

So when those people say art should be "accessible" what they are really saying is you, the artist, ought to dumb it down. "WE understand it the way it is, of course darling, but THEY don't..."

But then again, sometimes I think that people who just aren't very good at what they do use "accessibility" as an excuse for sucking.

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