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Can you spot the differences between these two pictures :p:

Harry would turn up at your door, at 4 o'clock in the morning, and you kind of knew that the next three days of your life were going to be an adventure.

Understatement of the century (let's go with last century). Brilliant man; if he and Buk had gotten together, critical mass would have ensued.

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One retreat after another without peace. (The site isn't allowing the video to be embeded hence the link)

I only discovered this documentary recently after hearing the news of yet another young black man, Rashan Charles, dying at the hands of the police. He was chased into a shop and restrained "for his own safety" after being seen to deposit something into his mouth. It was later found to be a paracetamol/caffeine mixture.



“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
The Misfits is an underrated movie. It gets more attention bc it's both Gable & Monroe's last movie, not because it's exceptional. This is pretty good.



“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Although not incredibly enlightening to big fans like myself the footage and manner in which it was put together is enjoyable. At some point u begin to wonder when there's going to be a Bukowski mention. The folks who did the doc did not bring him up but Tom did briefly mention Buk. Whether one like Tom's work or not I think it's fair to say that thematically Tom & Buk mined the same L.A. vein, at least in the first part of Tom's career.


“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
"Read about your band in some local page/ Didn't mention your name, didn't mention your name "

I didn't know if I should post this in the "listening to" thread or the doc thread but here you go. And I swear mjp I was not surfing the web for Minneapolis 80's footage. Just by co-incidence I've always loved music from there. This landed on my fb wall courtesy of Dangerous Minds. It's a 1988 public television doc about "the scene".


"Muscle Shoals" is one of the best music documentaries (and one of the best docs, period) that I've ever seen. I deeply regret that I was born in the Deep South of the U.S.A., and lived there for over 20 years, and yet, still never got to check out, in person, the great, soulful musical culture in the Muscle Shoals area of Alabama!! Who knew that so many of the musicians on a large number of classic '60s/'70s soul records were Southern white guys?! This Southern white guy definitely didn't know, until I saw this great movie!


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Abord the Yorikke!
"I am not your negro", Raoul Peck's brilliant documentary about James Baldwin
views and accounts on racism in America
James Baldwin:
"The world is not white. It never was white. Can't be white. White is a metaphor for power and that is simply ...
Anyone read anything that he has published?
Plan to buy something that he has written.

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"I am not your negro", Raoul Peck's brilliant documentary about James Baldwin views and accounts on racism in America
I saw the first thirty minutes or so of that documentary two nights ago on U.S. public television but had to (reluctantly) go to sleep and missed the rest. I will watch all of it soon though.

Several years ago, I read part of Baldwin's Notes of a Native Son, and based on what I can remember, I would definitely recommend it (actually, I should buy it and finally read the whole thing myself!). He was a formidable intellect and had the kind of visible moral authority which could quietly, but firmly and powerfully, call people to account for their bad actions (or lack of good actions). How we need his witness, in many ways, in these times!


“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Rammellezee. Who knew? Not I. This is the jawn. This is like his doc/movie.

This is a doc.



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L7: Pretend We're Dead

It's on Amazon Prime if you go that way. A great little slice of rock and roll documentary-ness reminding us that "minor success" is really failure with a prettier name, but that even failure can have its great moments.

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