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...i hope, you have enough beer in your fridge ;)
well, i'm just another 9to5 boycotter from germany, equiped with poor school english.
i'm not so much interessted in bukowski's works, more in his point of view concerning life. the bukowski tapes really impressed me. it was like finding a confederate while being surrounded by people who devote their life to the job-family-car-semi-conducted-house-thing without asking any questions, especially here in germany.
boycotting the 9to5 wasn't always easy in the past, i also lived in hotel rooms this year. but what i call trouble would probably just have been a warm up training for hank ;)
He's "boycotting the 9to5," he can't own the store.

But it's interesting how many people latch on to the rejection of work (for someone else), while ignoring the fact that Bukowski worked harder and longer for himself than any employer could have worked him. That is not a minor point, but maybe an inconvenient one for some.

But I understand, the thought of not working a job and just lying around drinking then somehow being rewarded for that is an intriguing one. Good luck, all of you who try that. And please stop asking me for a dollar every time I walk in to a 7-11. Thanks.
I won't ask you for a dollar, I prefer the euro ;)
I know that he worked hard, but he didn't do his jobs with this stupid, half brain-dead, self-betraying attitude, thinking "oh, yes! what I am doing right now is so important. if I would put these comic books on the wrong shelf, everything would become a chaos and my boss would be angry with me and I wouldn't get a salary increase next year and couldn't afford the new car, which is bigger than the neighbours car."

Nice Jever pic . Are you the owner of the liquor store ? Tell us the truth !
And still i say hello and welcome !

the user name is inspired by the charles bukowski tapes. there is an episode, where he is driven around hollywood as a tour guide and praises a certain liquor store ;)

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Did you read Schnitzelspießer's famous book "Germany - where every potatoe counts." ?

Hi and get a job, you tax parasite ;) .
Hi and get a job, you tax parasite ;) .

a truly german statement ;)
i'm really glad that german economy is down right now. i hate the automobile fetishism in my country.
p.s.: and i like people from the Saar, because they are obviously more cultivated. probably french influence ;)
Well, thanks. I like it here.

Take a look at the what are you listening to? thread in a moment, I've got one for you.
Wow, lots of Germans popping out of the woodwork around here. Great to see you all here.

Welcome, liquor store. Great name.:cool:

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