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l'm The same italian boy who was banned because he wrote in italian.I was an error because I Had set up The automatic translator. can I be readmitted with that Profile?because with that I can read The forum in italian.To Write I'll use this account so I Will be able to write in English. But to read I need someone to un'occhiata My account with e-mail domenicolariva@Gmail. Com, orherwise I can't read The forum in italian.
It is Very important for me to be able to consult this unique site. thanks for all and congratulations for this wonderful site
You can't have two (or more) accounts. I'm sure you can figure out some way to post in English from this account.

The "English only" rule is in place for a few reasons, but mainly because the people who moderate and manage this place speak English. So if we were to allow a bunch of filthy Italians to run amok, it would be chaos. You would be discussing the best ways to imprison your child brides and giving each other tips on the most effective ways to steal packages from the Italian postal service, and we wouldn't be able to tell you to knock it off. I'm sure you understand.

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