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I must admit that after 10 years of web surfing, the community forums here at are some of the best moderated forums I have ever particpated in; even when we disagree, there still seems to be a good amount of amity and fair play and intelligence on display.

I wish I could say the same for the other forum I particpated in for eight years, namely the Craigs List Writers and Literature Forum, a snakepit that I finally wrestled my way away from today but not without giving props to some of the wonderful past contributors like the great playwright Octavio Solis and our own Jen Wills, better known in the day as VodkaFamilyWinston.


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Moderation on the scale that would be required for something like Craig's list groups is not really workable. How do you appoint moderators? How do you change them, or get rid of them when they fade away or become power hungry? Those are all judgment calls and you can't make them without knowing the group. So for a company like Craig's list, which only employs 25 people, it's impossible.

The idea behind unmoderated forums is as old as the internet. usenet was purposely and idealistically (and naively) unmoderated. Posts could be canceled, but it wasn't easy or always effective, and the person who made the post could just do it again, since there was no banning mechanism.

After 10 years usenet became unusable for many of the same reasons you point out on the Craig's list group. But the fact is (and this has been proven a thousand times by now), without oversight from people who know and care about the group, all online groups fail.

But a lot of us care about this one, so we're rather protective. And when they finally wise up and figure out how to ban me, it will be perhaps the most friendly place on the web.


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I participated in the litfo on Craig's for quite a while. And Rodger is being kind by not mentioning my past brattish behavior, worse by far than anything I've ever pulled here. I think, technically, those forums could be moderated if Craig wanted them to. Requiring registration to post would go a long way. I can't say I know for sure how complicated that would be, as I don't handle the tech side of our forums. (That job and half ownership of LiteraryMary has been kindly taken over by Father Luke.)

The Craigslist litfo suffers a big blow by losing Brimmer, an extremely knowledgeable and credible source of information. If you're ever in need of a place to shoot the shit or whatever lit needs your heart, or anyone else's here for that matter, desires please feel free to hop over to LiteraryMary. We'd be more than happy to have you.

I left the litfo quite a while ago for the reasons you mention on your blog, Rodger. I posted there occasionally afterward but after starting Mary I found that I have no time Without you being there, there's not much reason for me to ever go back.

However, if I'd never been there, I probably wouldn't have ever been here, would never have met Father Luke or any of you kind people, or would I ever have started LiteraryMary. So I look back on the Craigslist litfo with gentle fondness.


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I remember Octavio Solis was 'play' something or other right? He was always a very nice man, very encouraging.
Octavio's handle was Playman, Jen.

Yes, you were an incorrigible brat back then but always willing to learn and you have grown by leaps and bounds. I am very proud of you.


Back on topic...

This is indeed a well and FAIRLY moderated forum
from what I have seen personally
these past two-and-half years

MJP usually walks
the highwire between
editor and censor successfully
and saves us from spam and
bullshitters everywhere, plus

giving everyone
something to post about
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