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I wonder where the best place is on the web to find
good pix of all Bukowski books? I see some scans of
rare ones in the database but isn't there somewhere
a place with all covers?
I am updating the list of my Buk titles in Book Organizer and
want to add the covers as well...
Hi, thanks yeah I thought about that too, maybe they are
large enough. I seem to remember I've seen something else,
was it the realbeer page maybe that used to have all the
covers? But not now, I checked. Anyway, Amazon is
good. Cheers
That is not a bad little project. mjp. You have a bunch of scans, but there are some that many of us have NEVER seen in color. If we could get some of the bigger collectors to scan the covers of some of their titles, I bet that we could get a nice "library" of Bukowski covers. If it is not possible on the web because of space, I would gladly burn them all on a disc (light scribe) and send them out as long as the cost of the disc and the postage is covered.

Anyone interested?

I, for one, would love to see a color scan of Poems & Drawings, Flower Fist, Run With The hunted...

Hank D. I need to do what you are doing. Then, once that is done, I can upload it to the internet so that I have record of my collection, should it ever be destroyed and my hard records are also destroyed...

It could be done here, space is not an issue. I think I have scans of the titles you mentioned. There are a lot of files here I haven't gone through, but I need to do an update.
Side bar related to an above point - I can't understand why Black Sparrow did not print the photos in the middle of the Krumhansl bibliography in color (?). Or for that matter the 3 books of letters.
Seems strange, given their usual production values.
I can only think that it was due to cost. Having full color like that can be pretty expensive. The biblio is only meant as a reference for collectors and librarians, so althoughj it would have been NICE to see them in color, it was not a necessity for that they were doing.

Still. It would have been nice!

I can't understand why Black Sparrow did not print the photos in the middle of the Krumhansl bibliography in color (?).
I don't get that either. I kind of thought the signature of photos was unnecessary anyway, considering what they chose to show. Barfly? Why?
And the 'normalization' created by the cameras auto exposure made the B&W images very inaccurate. The two soft cover versions of At Terror Street look different, but should be the same.
Jordans website now has photos of some of my BSP books and we'll be adding more and more over time.

I know that his is a site dedicated to Black Sparrow, so if he does not want images of the other bits in my collection, I'd be happy to post them here.
Beautiful pictures! It's nice there's a place where you can see the hard covers with the cloth spines detailled...
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Hmm, small world, the site recently moved to the hosting company I work for. What are the odds?
That site started out as dedicated to Black Sparrow, but I want as many pictures as I can get! My email is [email protected] if anyone wants to send me anything to be featured online.

I just sent you a dozen scans. Not as pretty as Buk on a bike's, but hopefully useful to you.

I, for one, would love to see a color scan of Poems & Drawings...

I used to have a really clean copy of this. You'll never guess who the proud owner is now. This is one of the few things that I could kick myself for selling to Nick.

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