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Hi everyone,

I am the brother of Spinbowler.

He passed away on Saturday .

I am sure that he would have liked to say thanks to you all. He only spent a short time in here - he talked to me alot on how much he liked Bukowski's stuff.

Someone asked him in another thread recently what his epitaph would be and spinbowler said "What a relief"

Says it all really.

Thanks for making him feel welcome.

Father Luke

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My favorite Spinbowler post:

one of my best moments
Last year I went and decided to go and pick cherries in a good old country town down south, one day I was picking cherries and could feel a serious case of the runs coming on from eating too many cherries in the morning. Holding my arse cheeks together with both hands and with stiff legs I began taking extremely small steps to my car to find the nearest dunny. I prostrated myself into the car and drove down the hill and found the old tin shitter at the bottom, opened the door and relieved myself in the hole. After a good look down I began to search for some paper to wipe my arse with but no luck, I had a look outside to see if anyone was looking and then dashed to the car and opened the boot to see if there was anything in there that would help. What I found was golden, the only copy I had left of my resume. I pulled it out after thinking about it for a second and went back to the box and wiped my arse with it, I couldn't believe how smooth it was, what a feeling! Only problem is, now I'm looking for a job and can't remember what I've done.

Thanks, Bro.
Spinbowler will be remembered.
Damn, my condolences. I just came from a thread in the All Things Not Bukowski about what you've been listening to and last week he was talking about a band he liked Cathederal.

Thank you for informing us and I know you have all good wishes from all of us to you and your family.


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Rest In Peace, Spinbowler! A fellow Bukowski fan who loved Copenhagen and open sandwiches...

My condolences to the family!
- Thanks for informing us, brother of Spinbowler!


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That cherries story is classic. Was he a writer? If not, he should have been. One of the funniest things I've ever read. Condolences.

Gerard K H Love

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bro of spinbowler; I know you are quite overwhelmed right now and my condolences, but if you can get back to us and fill us in a little about your late brother. I recently lost my older brother and I have an idea how it is. Thank you for your contact and if no return we understand.
Father Luke has asked me to let the forum know how spinbowler died.

Spinbowler was a very special person. He was a great brother. A gentle soul. Those who knew him were touched in some way by him.

He lived on the extremes of emotion - the highest highs and the lowest lows. Bipolar? Not sure, but he did have trouble maintaining an existence on a middle ground. He said that this was what he craved and was constantly searching for.

I think though that he was a paradox. He enjoyed the highs - and this helped him experience alot in his life. He did not enjoy the lows but he probably experienced emotions that others will never feel.

In a letter he left before he died he wrote that "I don't feel like I'm leaving anything behind as I have fully lived". I truly believe this. He was like a candle with a really bright flame - it burns with intensity but doesn't last as long.

Spinbowler was like that. His mind never stopped and I think that he just never found any psychological peace.

Mid last week he said that he had found the answer that he had been craving. He had found a copy of "Hunger" by Knut Hamsen that I know he had been touched by. Spinbowler thought that Knut was one of the most honest persons that he had met. He felt that Knut had experience the same pain that he was feeling.

Last Thursday Spinbowler went up into the hinterland and roamed about the bush for a few days. On Saturday he took his own life by gas.

I am at peace with his decision because I know how much he fought the demons in his head. He tried everything he could to find peace.

I just wish that Spinbowler had written a journal or a book of some sort. Spinbowler and myself often discussed why great art and music is made by individuals who suffer adversity. I know that both Spinbowler and myself believe that great suffering can lead to amazing artistic creation. I think that this is what drew him to Bukowski and Hamsen.

He lived with a mind of extremes but also he lived for the extremes.

He now has found the peace he had craved.

Bro of Spinbowler

Gerard K H Love

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He had a great 'New Blood" thread. It got somewhat hijacked but if you read it he stayed the course and it's interesting what he wrote.
Spinbowler dug up a bunch of old threads and brought some of them back. He did good at that. He also wrote this poem:


Birthday Cake

and her arse is in the air
and her lips are swollen
with a feather
ready to pluck
I stand there
as hard as a rock
waiting to approach
waiting to enter
the forbidden land
a forgotten place
a place of no time
a place so fascinating
it's got me fucked
and now
8 years later
I lie here
my hand upon my kong
wondering why
her arse
didn't have candles on it
or a name to go

May he be at peace now. Like he said, "What a relief ".

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