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If you found a first edition hard copy anything would you buy it if it was like $3.00 ?

I was watching Antique Road Show last night, couldn't sleep, and a Lady bought A first edition "Ann of Greengables" for $7 at a garage sale and it turned out to be worth $20,000.


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First Edition does not equal value. Many books are not worth the paper they're printed on. If it's a first edition Bukowski then, yes, grab it... assuming that it's not in horrible condition that is. Even then, you should still buy it for the words.


I bought 3 first editions today at The Salvation Army.
No matter what they are, I can't pass up 65 cents a peice.

I bought John Grishom "The Rainmaker" (just because he is still alive and I could get it signed. 1995 .

I Got "Viola Gwyn" by George Barr McCutcheon 1922.

And "A pocketful of Rye" by A.J. Cronin. 1969. ( This one was only 43 cents and it is in perfect shape.

Really, If you have a Salvation Army in your area, find out when half off book day is.

There are a few more that caught my eye. One book was published in 1948 and it was a book of poems. It was titled "California" or something and it was beautiful with colorful waves embossed in the cover. I will get it tomorrow if they're open.


It is what it is
Yet another thread from futureactor on nothing to do with Bukowski, but about something 'interesting' he did recently.

Contribute man!



It is what it is
Here's a clue...

It would be less along the lines of;
"I bought three editions today...."
"I bought John Grisham..."
"I went to the local bookstore today..."
"I have read a book..." (by david lee roth!)
"I thought I see myself as a bouncer..."
"I just had a vision of me arriving in LA..."
..."I overheard someone my age saying..."
"I checked the northern michigan university library..."
"I knew this guy when I lived in Las Vagas..."
"I'm to heavy (it's too, by the way) to be a waiter..."
"I don't feel smart enough to be included..."

...and more like, oh, I don't know something to do with the reason this forum exists.
Oh, that's right I forgot "I have not read one book in my life".



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If you found a first edition hard copy anything would you buy it if it was like $3.00 ?

No, I wouldn't buy a general first edition if it was 25 cents, except as a reading copy. Almost all such hardcover books found in thriftstores are very common, printed in massive numbers, and there's very little market for them. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are few and far between, especially now that most people know they can look up values for books online. If a thrift store gets anything remotely interesting, that may have some value to a collector, they look it up and stick a high price on it. I think your money is better spent saving up all those small amounts and buying one truly interesting, truly rare book. If you're concerned with it holding its value or going up in value, Bukowski is a great choice. As is any other high interest "cult" writer. As for first editions of bestselling authors, you can't give them away -- bookstores won't touch them generally, unless they are early works, in good condition, with dust jackets. Then they might give you a few dollars each, maybe. Why clutter your life with junky books? Buy the best, rarest, most interesting books you can afford. You won't regret those purchases. I have given away to thrift stores thousands of books over the past few years. They were all stuff I had no chance of selling, yet I imagine people grabbed them, thinking they were getting a hell of a buy, because they looked valuable. The value of such books is mainly as reading copies. I wouldn't buy them as an investment. Go for the really good stuff. You won't find it in a thrift store.

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