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So the other day, I noticed that I wasn't familiar with the publisher of the copy of Barfly that I own. It's published through Paget Press. So my questions are: Is it valuable? How come it wasn't through Black Sparrow?

And, also, I have this Factotum copy, but inside is actually a printing of John Fante's "The Road to Los Angeles." It is obviously a mistake that got looked over, but I was curious to know if this exact printing mistake is common.

Thanks Dudes

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Is it valuable?
Not in that condition. Even in perfect condition not terribly valuable. Still better than the Black Sparrow version, since it's illustrated.

The Factotum/Fante thing is just a bindery error. Not common but also essentially worthless. Now if it was a baseball card with the wrong back, you'd be on to something. Those people worship printing errors as if they were messages from god rather than just sloppy work by someone in a printing plant in Indiana or Singapore.
How come it wasn't through Black Sparrow?
It was. Later. Paget press published a few Bukowski books. From what I understand they were thrown those bones by Martin in return for some printing equipment.

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That is quite a fuck up though... Agreed, not worth shit to me but well worth mentioning,.. Thanks for posting it.

Your Barfly has Buk drawings that make the book great for Buk fans, but your condition is $35 max on a better than good day. But if you're not looking to sell it to pay your rent, it's still a great piece. Value it in your mind that way. That's a great one and not nearly as common as the Black Sparrow.

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