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ok folks, I have to go.
thanks for everything, especially mjp. I got a lot from this site.
I'll check back from time to time, but probably will not post again. not for any reason that has to do with anything here, just have to move on. get back to my writing, etc.
take care everyone, and best of luck,

zoom man

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Oh Steve man,
(Mr Monkey I think I regrettably called you once)
I'm already missing you...
But maybe we'll share a drink on this jet plane.

You beat me to the punch bro,
'Bout time for me to fly too...

I wish I could wire this place to my ________
(what, in mayb 3 years, all fancies will be possible?!)
But as it is,
'Just say no' has got to start here
(and no, this is neither the easiest nor the hardest).

To the friendly skies!

(Still not sure if I want an aisle or a window seat on this flight.... )


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What the hell? Do you guys know something we don't? Did you get a little heads-up from the feds or something?


stop the penistry
wow. that's really kinda sad. what the hell is up with people leaving? i thought the whole point of the internet is that you don't have to leave! i think i would rather they both just gradually disappeared, because this sudden type of departure feels strangely like a death. :(

the good ones always die young.


stop the penistry
next thing you know, it'll be mjp telling us he's off to some mountain top retreat to live out the rest of his days without a computer.


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see ya guys, ... I don't post much (or talk much for that matter) but I do listen alot! when I came to this sight I thought that I knew a fair bit about bukowski, little did I know, how little I knew! both of you provided me hours of new information and great enjoyment. I always looked forward to reading your post. thanks! you will both be missed. change is good, like it or not.....1fsh2fsh
Is the whole first wave leaving...? Seriously, I feel like I better become an encyclopedia of Bukowski knowledge before mjp and cirerita decide they can't ever come back to the internet...


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Too bad you guys don't feel like staying in the forum, especially since both of you have been here from the very beginning. Your knowledge about Buk and book collecting will be missed. I hope you'll return to the forum again some day soon. In the meantime, take care, be happy and don't try...;)
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next thing you know, it'll be mjp telling us he's off to some mountain top retreat to live out the rest of his days without a computer.
Ah, I can only dream...

It would be the desert though, not a mountaintop. ;)

I'm afraid you are all stuck with me and for the duration. People always come and go from forums, and though I hate to see early users bow out, the door is always open, and we continue to bring fresh voices aboard for the ride.
. . . still this isn't the way to leave!
I can see Mr. 'Poptop' going for a reason (and don't mind) - but I do NOT understand THIS !

hooch "got a lot from this site" - and still leaves!?
Not after any fight here (as far as I know) or after a slow retreat. No! He even JUST changed his avatar! - I wouldn't expect someone, who's about to leave, to care for such things!
So, WHAT happened ???
Then there's Zoom, immediately joyning in! - I can barely believe, this was any sponateous action. WHAT screwed Him? What's the reason?

If someone's just not able to join in as often, he wouldn't have to say "Good Bye".
Or even then, why stating to "check back from time to time, but probably will not post again" ???

That's FAR more than 'just leaving'! - This is RESENTING !

... and even though I'm here just a little time and both of them where here from the beginning - I dare to CLAIM something from them!

What I claim is, AT LEAST telling us about the reasons!
The reason for my claim:
You choose to be part of something, one year ago. And now you ARE a part of it.
A very FINE part of it!
Leaving it NEEDS a reason, ASKS for a reason!
I'm sure not long enough a member to claim 'WE deserve an explanation' - but these other cats here DO deserve!

Just think it over.
(and Love! LOVE! - really! - I wish the BOTH of you would decide to STAY ! )


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I don't think they had any problems with anyone. As far as I know they didn't. I also don't see it as leaving on bad terms or being resentful or disrespectful. People sometimes burn out and need to take a break, or walk away completely. It's normal. It's also normal for people to say goodbye, or just disappear, and then show up again a year later, so you never know.

I wish I could walk away from the god damn internet completely, and I envy people who do. But I can't, for a lot of reasons. It's in my blood, like Bukowski, printing ink and Les Paul Juniors. ;)
Stina Nordenstam: 'Dynamite' & 'The World is Saved'

I checked her out-she's well interesting. The only concert I ever walked out of was David Sylvain. I enjoyed early Japan but his solo stuff pissed me off.
I left the concert yelling F U your deep.
The above said I think I would like to se this play.
Tarantula" the new stage show with Anna Pettersson, showcases new music composed and sung by Stina Nordenstam. Tarantula features Anna Peterson in the role of a half woman and half mechanical tarantula. Her lower-body has been eliminated and been replaced with mechanical spider legs. She relocates herself in an empty room in pursuit of her lost identity. She fights to stand on her own legs.

Thanks for the lead.
You're welcome, Jimmy!

and I have to Thank YOU bc I didn't know about the 'Tarantula'-project by now. Sounds interesting indeed.

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